about me

Sarah Jane

Born in Abergele, North Wales,

Lives & works in Norwich.

What started out as an exploration into feminism has now evolved into an exploration of the relationship between the soft and the firm through materiality and text. I explore issues that women face everyday within the workplace, and in everyday situations, this could be examples of sexism, discrimination, misogyny and so on. I do this through the use of embroidery and textiles, creating soft sculptures that challenge what is considered to be an art object as well as comment on the boundaries between fine art and craft. As subtle forms become distorted through experimentation of materials, as well as repetitive practice through text, I hope that my work can successfully depict the effects that these issues have had on women, and how my own personal experiences have both affected and influenced me and my practice.




2007 - 2012: Thetford Academy 

2012 - 2014: Studied Fine Art, Media Studies & Psychology at Thetford Academy Sixth Form

2015 - 2019: Studied Fine Art at Norwich University of the Arts. (Undergraduate)


- ASDADA: Student led exhibition within the gallery spaces in NUA; exhibitor.

- ARTAGRAM: Student led exhibition within the Gallery Spaces in NUA; exhibitor & curator.

BALLOT: Exhibition curated by Cork Printmakers, in collaboration with NUA; exhibitor.

- EVOKE: Student led exhibition held at Anteros Arts Foundation; curator/exhibitor.

- WOMANISM: Self curated exhibition featuring multiple students from different disciplines, held at THIRTEEN A Gallery; curator. 

- SELLOUT: Group curated exhibition based on the trends of the fine art group and a commentary on commercial art held at THIRTEEN A; curator/exhibitor.

UNDER CONSTRUCTION: Third year interim show curated as part of the Fine Art curation team, held within the Project Spaces at NUA; curator/exhibitor/social media marketing team

- CURVE: Staff/student show curated as part of the Fine Art curation team, held within the Project Spaces at NUA; curator/social media marketing team.