As well as being a practicing artist, I have also started to explore Curation. I think there is something empowering in being a female curator in a male dominated sector. I hope to encourage other female artists who have an interest in the Arts, to be able to showcase their work and start to make a name for themselves. Here are a mixture of exhibitions that I have taken part in and have curated, either by myself & collaboratively.

Exhibition curated by Cork Printmakers in collaboration with NUA staff and students.

An independent group exhibition, exploring the use of traditional messaging methods to curate an exhibition.

Student Interim shows, curated by students. Based in the Project Spaces at NUA.

EVOKE is a student led exhibition held a & in collaboration with the Anteros Arts Foundation.

A collaborative exhibition with the NUA Womanist Society.

A curated performance by one of the featured artists of the WOMANISM 

Exhibition, showcasing some of the work included in the show.

A collaborative exhibition highlighting the trends within our Fine Art course.