Here is a selection of my current works. These range from digital prints and screen prints to textile pieces. My practice is very much craft based currently, with themes exploring the workplace and the effects it has on women both physically and mentally. 


This is a selection of my digital prints. These were developed from experiments in photoshop, and some would be later developed into screen prints. These are roughly A4 to A3 size and some were made for commercial use within the exhibition SELLOUT. 


These are a selection of my screen prints, with themes ranging from female identity and feminism, to workplace harassment and my own experiences. Some of these were developed from some of my digital prints, and this medium continues to be significant within my practice. 


This medium is fairly new to my practice, having started to explore it near the end of my second year of university. I have recently started to embroider into clothing, and hope to continue to experiment and explore this medium post graduation. 


These are pieces that I feel don't fit into the previous categories, but are still relevant to my practice. These range from a variety of mediums and themes, and have to shape my practice into what it is today.