Throughout my last year of University, I started to explore the world of Digital Marketing through the use of Social Media, Graphic Design and Photography. Here are 3 of the many projects I worked on throughout this year. 


This was my first commissioned project. I worked with 2 students from my year who were curating an event that was inspired by slumber parties and sleepovers. My role was to curate their Instagram, design infographics and keep the facebook page updated. Check out more below. 

This project was the first time that I had most control over how the instagram page looked, control of the photographs and the design of the infographics. The infographics were designed by me, and were inspired by the event poster that had been designed by Kinga Dominczyk. I colour matched the background and the red border to the poster, and used the same fonts throughout to keep it consistent throughout. For the layout, I took inspiration from past projects and used the grid layout to display infographics and images. I went with the 9 grid style as I felt this was appropriate for this type of marketing. I made sure to post in a certain order so the infographics would look organised and not mixed up with the photographs, and to help emphasise the overall aesthetic of the event and the artists themselves. For the captions, I tried to emulate the aesthetic of 'Mean Girls' and the overall theme of sleepovers and high school friendships, through the use of emojis and slightly joking with the artists themselves to help emphasise the overall chill nature of the event. This was an informal gathering as opposed to a more formal gallery setting so the instagram had to try and reflect that. 

I also used the moment feature on Instagram as this fit the theme really well as it allowed me to show sneak peaks, post cheeky images and text posts to further develop interest for the event. All the photographs used within the instagram were taken by me. I tried to capture the aesthetic of the event through my photographs and tried to not show too much in the photographs before the event as we wanted people to see the works in person and experience the performances in person. Overall the marketing campaign for this event was a huge success and the page got a large following very quickly. There were lots of positive feedback which was highly appreciated and I think overall it helped with the turnout at the event. 


This was an exhibition involving both the staff and students of NUA Fine Art. The curation team was tasked of curating the show, and this was my first time taking over the social media marketing for the team as I had done it for the previous exhibition we curated but alongside a team member and collaborating with a graphic design student. Check below for more. 

For this project, this would see my taking over the social media marketing for the team and developing my skills further. Here, much like with SLUMBER PARTY, I took all of the photographs myself, designed all of the infographics myself and used the grid style to layout the content. The colour scheme and infographics were also inspired by the poster, again for the consistency and easy recognition on people's feeds. This was also a more formal event, so I wanted to keep the images clean, as well as infographics, so the choice of using black and white made sense for this page. For the initial posts, much like SLUMBER PARTY, I split the poster into 9 images so it would build up bit by bit. This was so we could start to build up publicity without saying too much. I also had the idea of using images of the staff involved in the show and surrounding them by images of behind the scenes, again to add further interest, and to help introduce the tutors to those who may not be on the course or even in the university. Me and another student also came up with the idea of taking pictures of each poster which were situated in different areas of the University to help build up curiosity and to publicise the poster and get people to be proactive.


For the infographics, I kept them extremely simple and stuck to the black and white theme used throughout the page. I used a curve symbol in the corner of each infographic post to relate it back to the poster and again used the same font as the poster on each post. I do think these were not as impressive as the SLUMBER PARTY  infographics, but I didn't have much time to develop them and was limited in style inspiration. I do think that I have become a lot stronger in this area and my photoshop skills have definitely improved since this exhibition. While the show was on, I made sure to post images that showcased sneak peaks of the works so it would encourage people to come to show themselves to see the full works and not wholly rely on the instagram. I kept the captions formal and informative, as well as persuasive to try and increase our potential turnout for the opening of the exhibition. Overall, I think it was successful, and it was definitely a learning point in social media marketing, and has allowed me to do much bigger and better such as the SLUMBER PARTY event. I hope to do more of this in the future, and to keep pushing myself to develop my skills further. 


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