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2nd & 3rd Year Group Crit

The second and third year group crit this week was extremely helpful for me in terms of thinking about my work in different contexts and connotations. It was nice to get feedback from other women this time rather than just one person and to get a wide range of opinions. Additionally, it was interesting hearing some of the connotations being identified as they were things that I hadn't thought of when I was originally making some of these pieces and was something that I'm going to keep in mind for future works.


Some of the points that were made in the discussion of my pieces include;

- The pieces having a feminist element.

- Reclaiming the process of soft sculpture.

- Discussing how textile art should be considered an art without the added label.

- How craft tends to be a trend.

- Value of labour, show of care.

- Engagement of history of feminist work.

- Element of being personal, handmade.

- Investment of time.

- Possible frustration of lack of attention?

- Can't be critiqued because of its handmade qualities.

- In relation to the wire cushions, there was a connotation of trying to contain something that couldn't be contained. A representation of being confined perhaps?

- The lack of text in these wire sculptures allow it to stand as an object, which is something that I think I need to consider for my next pieces.

- The wire cushions have an interactive element to them, they need to be picked up and held, which is something I can possibly experiment with in the next unit perhaps?

- Could be interesting to see them hung in a gallery rather than displayed on a plinth?


There was also discussion of scale, and possibly making these cushions big which is something that I am definitely planning on for degree show, as well as possibly making a messily made cushion as a comment on domestic objects. There was also mention of how these could potentially look commercial and that by making them look more commercial that they have this compliance to uniformity and possibly become something more than just a handmade cushion perhaps.

Furthermore, there was talk of potentially nailing them to the wall with a nail straight through the centre of the cushions, as more of a statement perhaps, and something to consider if displaying them in an exhibition.

Overall, I'm really excited to try and look into these potential ideas in the next unit and it has really helped to get some outside feedback on these pieces, as although I have exhibited them outside the studio, I haven't had much feedback or response on them.

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