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So this is it....

It‘s been almost 6 months since I graduated from NUA with a Fine Art Degree, and I’m finally working on rebooting my creative life again.

Life goes a bit crazy once you leave uni. Questions start to become reality, where am I going to live? Who am I going to live with? What am I going to do? How will I make money? And so on and so on. If you’re lucky like me and you already have a job to fall back, and housemates to live with things do start to fall in place.

But after a while, things start to go grey. You have the same routine, see the same people everyday, and work doesn’t get exciting. Just exhausting. So this is where this comes in. A little creativity everyday to spice things up, and maybe hopefully, lead me back into a creative and fulfilling life again.

It’s difficult to become successful straight after uni, and unless you are blessed with unholy talent and have good connections, you end up feeling stuck. But that’s okay. Everyone leads their own path. Some find their destination quicker than others, and some like to take the scenic route. I am the latter, and I’m happy to take my time, redevelop my passion and slowly work towards that goal of a creative job that allows me to be happy and fulfilled everyday.

This blog will show my journey towards that creative future, and I hope it will inspire people to never give up their passion. To remember that everyone’s paths are different and that’s okay. I will hope to post once a week, whether it be about my current work or just a post about life in general. I hope you find something to enjoy in this stress free place.

Hope to see you soon.

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