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BA3b: Blurb Experience....

This year, I decided to try and use Blurb to create a book for my documentation, instead of creating a single PDF document. I wanted to experiment with this service and see what the quality is like, as I may potentially use this service again for future projects.


I decided to create a hardback tradebook for my documentation of this unit. I chose a photograph of one of my textile pieces as the cover, and decided to have it continue from front to back so once you open it you get the full photograph. I also tried to have some writing along with the documentation to highlight my process throughout this unit as additionally reflection to this blog. Because the fonts seemed really small on the screen I made them slightly bigger, but when it arrived and I flicked through the pages, I felt the font might have been slightly too big, but this works well as it can be read by anyone, and this particular version won't be distributed or sold, so I wasn't too worried about it. However, I'm now aware that the next time I want to use this service I need to make sure the text is smaller than I think it needs to be.

I also didn't add captions in this book as they weren't final photographs of pieces, but rather documentation of the process, with final photographs being at the end. The title of each section explains what the content is, however I think the next time I use this software I will add captions and names to my work. Especially if I'm going to sell them which is something that I'm contemplating. I might also consider creating a smaller book next time, as the bigger book seems much more of a photobook than an actual book, but that could be due to the layout that I arrange the text and photographs. These are all things to consider when doing any future art books.


Overall, I'm happy with how this book turned out, and I'm pleasantly surprised with how much it all cost. I definitely think I'll be using this service to highlight my works, and possibly create an actual art book to potentially sell via their website. I am thinking about creating a book based on my curation experience and potentially researching into the difference between curating the physical space and the digital space and highlighting how important social media advertising has become today as this is the field that I'm hoping to work towards post graduation.

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