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BA3b - CURVE: Install...

We decided to install over 2 days to give us time to make sure everything is looking perfect and nothing was left out or forgotten. This was beneficial as we didn't feel rushed or pressured to get everything correct straight away and gave us time to amend things if needed.


We all sat down in PS1 with the models and discussed the initial curation of the spaces and adjusted or made changes where we saw fit. This was largely due to having input from those who weren't there in the initial curation process with the models which was expected. The ideas that were suggested were really effective and we all came to a compromise and the spaces were marginally kept the same, with some alterations in PS3.

The install process was a lot easier than the interim install as we had less work's to put up, and a few of the staff were putting up their own works as they had their own specific way of hanging them, which took the pressure off of our own install team. We made sure to handle all of the staff pieces with care and made sure to hang them appropriately, for example using split batons or mirror plates where appropriate.


In terms of the spaces, we had decided to keep PS1 the same as we had originally curated, and planned to have the main vinyl on the wall so people could get the context show before walking around. We were originally planning to have one of the pieces hung in the stairwell as we felt that that would encourage people to walk up the staircase to see the show. Unfortunately we couldn't do that due to health and safety concerns, so we decided to hang it from one of the walls. We chose the main wall in PS1 as it had a lip that we could use to place a nail on and use some fishing wire to hang the sculpture. We wanted to hang the sculpture as we felt that the shadows created while it hangs would make the sculpture come alive and more 3D than just having nailed to the wall. It also allowed for natural movement and helped to balance out the spaces in terms of 3D elements placed in them.

For PS3 we had some issues with the amount of plinths in the corner by the window. We felt that the way they were originally arranged made it too crowded and took away from the individual pieces. After moving around the plinths several times, we came to the conclusion of having Tessa's monitor in the left hand corner so she could use the small separated section of wall opposite for her automatic writing, we moved Oliver's monitor to where Tessa's was originally and had Charlotte's plinth moved closer to the staircase with Emily's boxes placed in between the monitor and plinth. We felt that this allowed each piece to have its own space as well as not having the corner as plinth heavy as it was.


For day two of install, we focused on the finishing touches such as painting over small marks, getting the labels sorted and tidying the spaces ready for Monday and the opening night. For the labels, we decided to use the same adhesive film we used in the Interim Show as we felt that it didn't take away from the pieces, and we kept each description simple, with the title, name of the artist and the list of materials used. We felt it was better to have some basic information on the labels as opposed to the whole contexts of the work as it forces the viewer to seek out more information and didn't take over the pieces.

The boys also made sure to stamp each wall to show that they were the ones who installed, and this in turn made the installation of the works their piece of work. Overall, this exhibition was a lot easier to install than the last due to the amount of people we had in the show, as well as the way we curated the spaces. Giving ourselves two days to install allowed us to manage our time effectively and helped make the whole install process much more streamlined.

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