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BA3b - Degree Show Proposal....

For my Degree Show proposal, I plan to create an installation inspired by the workplace itself. I plan to have a table with chairs surrounding it, with my embroidered fleece draped over one of the chairs, as well as other pieces of embroidered clothing, all of which will feature my own feelings on my experiences of workplace harassment/bullying/discrimination as well as statistics showcasing how these are still prominent issues in today's society.


Key artists that have influenced my idea include the Guerrilla Girls for their activist work, interrupting the public space to display large scale works challenging the art industry and raising awareness of the gender discrimination and inequality within the art industry. They have always been a big influence within my work, and I think I might also create some large scale prints during this unit and display them in public spaces, and document them and the response they get. Another key influence is Zoe Buckman. I have always been interested in her embroidered lingerie and the way she installed in the gallery space. I find her approach of appropriating objects related to women to display a message is interesting. Rosella Biscotti is an artist I discovered while in Amsterdam. I found her use of statistics and jacquard weaving really interesting, and it was this piece that was the turning point for me and my practice.

Additionally, Nicole Wermers is a significant artist within my practice as her installations have helped me to develop and challenge my own ideas of how to display my works. Her piece 'Il Dehors' is a key influence towards my decision for the use of chairs and tables in the gallery space. I love the way that it completely changes the space and challenges what is the gallery space. My final artists reference is Brett Alexander. His works consists of text and textiles that explore the nature of homophobia and toxic masculinity. I felt his methods of making an issue known is similar to my methods. I also find the way he displays his pieces interesting and I've considered suspending my clothing rather than using a table as part of my installation but I think I like the idea of bringing the workplace into the gallery as it hasn't been done before.


The material of the work will consists of textiles such as clothing pieces and embroidery. As stated in the beginning, I will hopefully use a long table such as those found in staff rooms, with chairs surrounding, imitating that of a staff room within the workplace. I need to experiment with different types of chairs to see what works best with the clothing pieces, as well as finding a table that is suitable and works well with the chairs, possibly a wooden topped table? These are things I need to start to refine and start to gather.

I may also place some screen prints on the table or even above it to replicate that of posters, which resembles a staff room and is inspired by my own workplace staffroom.

In terms of Risk Assessment, there aren't that many risks just the general risks. I have made sure to use language that is suitable for all ages, as well making sure it it's in a place where it is not obstructing any entrances or exits. Furthermore, the hazards that I have identified are as follows:

- Possible use of chair: This could be a possible obstruction, or bump hazard. To avoid any incidents I will make sure that there is enough room for the public to look around it.

- Possibility that the jacket could fall off the chair: This could become a slip or trip hazard. To avoid any incidents there should be careful monitoring and I should make sure that it is secured to the chair, use temporary adhesive to keep the clothing in place on the chair?


Overall, my degree show piece will constantly evolve over the next few weeks/months leading up to degree show, and I hope to have a clearer and stronger idea of how I want to approach these ideas. I'm excited to be changing the space and placing something that is not normally linked with the arts in a gallery space and observing the reactions of the public and potentially creating a positive change through the use of art.

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