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BA3b - Digital Prints....

After finishing my painting and embroidery experiments, I decided to go into Photoshop and do some experiments with graphics. After looking at the logo of my previous workplace, I decided to emulate it in Photoshop but instead of adding one word, I decided to add a range of words that all relate to how I felt while working there. These would be similar to my painting experiments, but much more effective.


I first started to look up examples of the logo of my previous work place and I copied the colours and the font of the workplace, to further enforce the theme and context of the work. I used the same words that I brainstormed for my painting experiments and chose words that I felt were specifically personal and unique to me. Words such as overworked, stressed, unappreciated, worried and so on. I tried to make sure that the text appeared to repeat across the page and covered the entire surface of the piece. I did another 2 more, one with text that depicted what was said about me, and one with a quote repeated to signify how this effected me while working there, that it would be constantly going through my head.

My initial prints involved having the text blended into the background as I felt this looked really effective. I do think however, if I was to do this again I would take the use of matching colours even further and have the text the same colour as the logo that I'm basing these pieces off of. I think the white against the bold background colours would look really interesting and especially impactful. I had also included the pound sign as it established the type of workplace that this relates to. The colours and the font along with the imagery really help to bring the elements together and to further cement the theme of workplace harassment by having these types of words displayed using the branding of a workplace.


I really liked the impact that these pieces gave, and the simplicity of them. They were straight to the point and combined all of the elements of my current practice together in an effective way. I think that these pieces would be even more impactful if they were bigger in scale, as I had printed these off as A3 on quality paper. I think I would print these again but on a larger scale.

I also think that these pieces have inspired me to do some screen prints, and possibly do some simple CMYK screen prints. I think these would look really good as screen prints, and I really liked the idea of having something hand made and laboured over in contrast with these more digitally made, quick prints. I also think that I need to really rethink my degree show piece, as after creating these prints I've become more inclined to show these than having the desk set. Although with these prints and my space, I could try and incorporate them within the existing composition, but I fear this may be too much and the original theme or context would be lost.

This is something that I need to really contemplate, and I think I will start to do some digital collages, playing around with composition, and trying to work out where I could possibly fit these prints in with my fleeces, and whether or not I want a floor space or a wall space. Overall I'm really happy with these digital experiments, and I think to further develop them I would do some screen prints as well as think about printing these large scale to increase the impact.

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