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BA3b - Painting and Embroidery Developed....

After finishing embroidering this piece I was not 100% sure on the colour of the piece. I kept looking at this pink/orange colour and I didn't think it worked well with the theme that I was looking into with the text used. After brainstorming and thinking back to the digital pieces that I had created I thought that using the same colours as the previous workplace would be much more effective and would link the words back to the initial theme and concepts that this is based on.


So I decided to paint over the embroidered text with a yellow and red acrylic paint and tried to create a gradient effect similar to the effect I had created within my digital prints. This worked really well as the embroidered text became difficult to read and the subtle effect really became effective. This was something that I was working towards in previous pieces and I think all the elements in play here have allowed this to be a successful outcome.

I also love how thick the paint is and how this adds to the subtlety of the text, and how it makes it difficult to read. I do love how it forces the viewer to walk closer to the piece to be able to read it clearly and I like that in art pieces. I find that pieces that force the viewer to really look closer are the most effective in my eyes.

From this, I think I'm going to go into screen printing, and create some text based prints but still using this subtle effect with the text. I think I'm going to experiment further on photoshop and create different effects with the text, possibly even adding specific imagery that relates to the workplace that the text I'm using is critiquing. I think a subtle pound sign in the background could potentially work really well.


Overall, I'm really happy with how this piece came out, and I think this piece will be the turning point in my practice. It is a key developmental piece where I'm starting to move away from embroidery, and potentially going back to print as a final outcome. I would like to potentially try and combine both print and embroidery, but I'm not sure if it would work or if I had time to explore this. But I definitely think printmaking is the way forward if I want to continue to use text and imagery.

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