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As part of 3rd Year, two groups are formed in regards to exhibitions throughout the year. These groups are the Editorial Group, and the Curatorial Group. I hope to go into curation after graduation, so I decided to apply for the Curation Group.


We had our first meeting on Wednesday where we were briefed on the exhibitions that we are curating, and the time frame that we are working with. We then brainstormed ideas for the Interim Show, and Beth came up with the idea of using the gallery spaces as studio spaces, and have work in flux. This seemed like a really interesting idea as we knew people wouldn't be able to make finished pieces in time, and to have works in progress would be really interesting to see.

Additionally to this, we devised a plan where we would also have workshops for the first and second years, where they can learn different skills and see different career opportunities after graduation. We wanted to make the Interim Show more interactive and educational, rather about final pieces of works. Although, we may have certain spaces for exhibiting work for those who want to exhibit their work professionally.


We then met up again after the briefing to finalise ideas, and to organise roles between each other. I volunteered to help out with Social Media Marketing as well as helping Aurelia, Sophie and Oliver talk to students on the second floor of St Georges. We also discussed the callout which will have been emailed out by Carl to inform the students about what's going on. We also decided on a working title 'Under Construction' as we felt that it would work with the theme of work being in progress and the gallery spaces being spaces worked in.

Overall I'm really happy with what we have planned and I hope after next week we can start to get things rolling and start to plan out where people are going, and who's doing what workshop.

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