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Development of Curve Exhibition (Staff/student show)...

After our last meeting this week, we confirmed our ideas and the design of the poster. We all agreed on the use of the hand drawn curve with the dates and other relevant information on the bottom. We were also debating on what type of paper to use, and in the end we decided to go for the idea that I had which was to print the posters on paper that related or matched with the different elements of the Bauhaus diagram. This would then bring back the ideas of the Bauhaus that we were originally going to do as well as further establish the link between art and education.

We also had a lot of smaller leaflets printed out where we would draw our own curve on them, as well as hand them out to others to draw on or as invitations. Overall we were pleased with how the posters came out, and the social media aspect of the show is ready to go. Me and Beth discussed different layouts and plans for the instagram, and Beth sent over a folder of content for me to then sort through and prepare for the launch next Monday.

We also started to discuss the degree show space set up with Carl and all agreed that the more open the spaces are the better, as we felt that this year there will most likely be a lot more sculptures as well as 2D works in the show. Furthermore, we also discussed having a floor plinth in SG 63 instead of having a wall dividing the space. This could allow for more space as well as more room to display other types of works such as sculpture based works, or textile based works on mannequins. We were really happy with the initial ideas, and are excited to further plan ahead with the show, as well as start to get this staff/student show up and running.

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