• Sarah Jane

Documentation of Wire Cushions.

Much like I did with the fabric cushions, I decided to document the wire cushions in a domestic, comfortable space to see how they would change as objects. It was really interesting to see the contrasts between the soft materials of the cushions to the harshness of the wire. It was also interesting to see them on the bed, which is a safe place, and the connotations of the wire on the cushion being of entrapment, and the inappropriateness of touch worked really well in this environment.

I think I would like to see and document someone interacting with these cushions in particular, as they do seem to have this element of interaction to them, as pointed out by some people in the 2nd and 3rd year group crit. Furthermore, it might be interesting to document them in a public setting, like for example public benches, to further this idea of interrupting safe spaces with an object made to look like an object of comfort. Furthermore, it's interesting to see how these objects end up making the spaces un useable, or pointless as you can't use them to sit on, or you feel obliged to move the object, therefore bringing in this element of value or preconceived idea to an object.

I would also like to document these pieces in this space alongside the fabric cushions, just to see how they would look as objects in this space, rather than separately and it may be something I look into in the next unit. I am starting to consider space and context in my work as I do think it is important and helps to add to the context and reading of my own work.

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