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Documenting wire shapes...

After creating my wire cushions, I had the idea of taking the stuffing out and just documenting the shape of the wire. It was interesting to see the wire without the filling as it became less of a cushion shaped object, and more of a wire sculpture. However it was still interesting to see the shape of the cushion when it was leant up against the wall. It gave me to idea to try and make a wire piece without the stuffing and to have this as a cushion itself, completely getting rid of the soft element of the filling.

Furthermore, I think this would be an interesting development of this piece and I think as a starting point something to explore in the next unit perhaps? Possibly think about creating cushion shaped objects out of materials that are not fabric or embroidered, this could be an interesting commentary on this specific domestic object, and could allow me to explore other materials beyond fabric. Could this be a possible leap into sculpture?

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