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Embroidery & Video....

As I previously mentioned in my post on thread painting, it was suggested to me to film myself stitching. I am really interested in the process of stitching and embroidery as well as the finished outcome. I decided to start off using my MacBook camera to make a few quick videos as a starting point, and planned to edit them later on into something interesting.

I did find it difficult with my MacBook to try and find the best angle to record myself, I thought about having it beside me, but felt that you couldn't see much of what I was doing. Eventually I decided on having it in front of me, with the screen positioned more towards my hands and desk. The quality on my webcam was quite good, and the video was really clean and hi-resolution. I made 7 short videos showing me prepping the thread and needle, to stitching the design.

After filming these videos, I went to go and edit them, cutting out any parts that I felt took away from the process, like adjusting the laptop, shifting myself and so on. I also decided to play around with layering one clip of me stitching on top of another clip of me prepping the needle and thread. There is something about the overlapping clips that look interesting, and it gives an element of time passing in a way. I do want to continue experimenting with editing, and to try and overlap more than two clips and see what that looks like.

Furthermore, I would like to film myself in a different setting, probably in a more relaxed, setting rather than my studio and see these projected in a white space. It would be interesting to see how this domestic action could possibly change a space, possibly linking back to Judy Chicago's 'WomanHouse'.


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