• Sarah Jane

Embroidered Jeans

Updated: Aug 22, 2018

Over the summer holidays I decided to experiment with clothing and embroidery. I was inspired by the 'reBUTTal movement' created by Shannon Downey of Badass Cross Stitch.

I chose to stitch the phrase 'My Body, My Rules' as I felt that it worked well the theme of the movement, which was all about reclaiming our identity as women as well as our bodies. I have thought about exploring this further by stitching phrases onto other pieces of clothing and even thought about stitching upon a canvas bag.

I also loved the idea of putting my own mark on a old pair of jeans, as if it was a protest statement. I think it could be interesting, if I was to explore this further, to create different pieces using different slogans & pieces of clothing and to have them modelled by different women. I think this could be a really interesting commentary on how society has placed so many expectations upon us, whether it be how we look, what we do with our lives, who we date and when we have kids etc. I think this could be an interesting project highlighting how women reclaim their identity.

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