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Updated: Jan 10, 2019

After doing some initial brainstorming and drawings in terms of workplace sexism and craft, I came up with an exhibition idea that I might look into creating within the next unit. This exhibition will be based in THIRTEEN A, and will be shop related to link in with the context of the work.


Because the gallery space of THIRTEEN A is very much shop like, and I've already helped curate a shop like exhibition in SELLOUT earlier this year (2018), I wanted to take this further and create an exhibition which resembles a shop, and showcase works that depict the struggles of workplace harassment and the statistics behind it. I hope to be able to use equipment that I use at work, such as point of sale holders, as well as price labels, posters and other related objects to help bring in this idea of an authentic shop.

In terms of works, I want to use the craft techniques that I have been exploring throughout the first unit, as well as use other mediums such as screen print which all portray my struggles of workplace harassment, the statistics behind workplace harassment and other people's experiences with workplace harassment. I really want to continue to challenge what the gallery space is and to start to develop more of an idea of how I want my work to be seen so that I have a clear idea for the Degree Show. I also think that collaborating with others outside of my friendship group and even course would help me in terms of developing my communication skills, and would continue to help me with getting to know different people and creating a network. I do want to go back to solo curation, so I think this opportunity would help me get back into it.


Additionally, I want to be able to raise the issue of how women are treated in the workplace, and how gender is used as a reason for people to treat others the way they do. I certainly faced this issue in my previous job and was constantly looked down upon or treated differently because I was a woman who would defend herself and speak her mind when she could see that something was wrong and was called bossy and aggressive because of it. This is what motivates me to create this show. This took place over a year ago, and I am still struggling with what happened mentally, and I think creating works and doing this show will help me to move on and to show how these kinds of situations really play on a persons mind for a long time.

In the next unit I aim to really explore this theme in depth and to really develop my ideas and to make some works that are powerful and explore these issues that I have been struggling with personally. I also want to utilise different materials while also using craft based techniques and to continue to explore the use of craft while exploring my chosen issues.

Furthermore, I think I need to some more research into artists and groups who have challenged the gallery space and to see ways in which is was effective and got the most powerful response, as I want to be able to create a strong response with my work, especially in the public space. I hope that the work I make for this show, allows me to develop ideas for my Degree Show piece, and I hope that I can really utilise the time and skills I have learnt through the curation team and previous exhibitions to really pull of a successful show.

Things to do next:

- Plan out work to be made and call outs to be sent out?

- Date of show? When do I want to exhibit?

- Gather materials such as work related objects (fake tills? Point of Sale holders? create posters? signs? price tickets?

- Think about the purpose and overall idea of the show - is it an exhibition? is it a protest statement? is it a shop? all of the above?

- research into similar exhibitions

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