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Printed Pattern Design on Fabric....

After creating my patterns on photoshop, I decided to choose the most successful pattern and print in onto a piece of fabric. I chose the 'Hammer Flower' design as I felt that it was successful in being subtle and and showcasing a violent object in a more softer way. This reflects the 3D pieces that I have been working on.


The pattern works a lot better in large scale rather than small scale. You can just about pick out the hammer shape in the pattern and the size of the fabric sheet allows for many possibilities. After receiving it, I did get the idea to create a quilt out of it, or to possibly create my own cushion with my own fabric designed by me, using the same text that I've been working with. I did have to crop the design down and find the right section of the design to print onto this piece of fabric.

I think because the design is on a bigger scale than what was printed in my sketchbook, the subtlety of the pattern works a lot more successfully than the smaller prints. However I do think that if I was to develop this design further, that I would research into different motifs that combine both toughness and softness, and something that also demonstrates visually the issues that I'm exploring currently through text. I would like to do this again and to use the fabric to create my own cushion, similar to the ones I have made previously, but this time there would be more of a hand made element as the pattern is created by me, the fabric is chosen by me, and the design is stitched on by me,


This I think really captures the craft element that I'm also looking at, and I think I need to consider this when narrowing down my chosen theme for my practice, do I want to still have the element of craft in my work? Do I still want to look at craft techniques while looking into my chosen theme? I do also want to combine other processes such as screen print as well as embroidery, and to possibly create screen prints using these kinds of patterns but possibly using imagery associated with what I'm exploring at the time.

Overall, I'm really happy with how this print came out on the fabric, and I have a lot of ideas of what I want to do with this piece, and how I want to display it as a piece overall. I do want to do this again, and to print out more pattern designs on to similar pieces of fabric,

Things to do next:

- Look into different pattern imagery?

- Association with current theme of practice?

- Screen prints?

- Use of printed fabric and embroidery?

- Think about how to display?

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