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Rough experimental piece....

As a final experimental piece, I decided to look at the ideas I had sketched out in my sketchbook which were to create possibly large scale pieces of embroidered fabric with text that illustrates how I questioned myself after my experiences with workplace harassment.


This piece is extremely rough, and is by no means a finish piece, but rather an experiment in composition and material. I embroidered into fabric as well as felt to see what it would lie and for it to be a physical drawing rather than a rough sketch in my book.

I do like this idea, and I think if these were to be successful pieces they would definitely have to be large scale pieces, possibly draping the space and encompassing the viewers in this room of self doubt and mental torture. I like the idea of also having other responses to workplace harassment from other women, and creating a collective of these pieces documenting how women are still suffering with gender discrimination and harassment in the workplace.

I have also considered the use of materials used within my own workplace to embroider or stitch onto and I think creating a fabric collage of materials that are seen as decorative with materials related to the different workplaces might be something worth considering, as it would give more context to the choice of materials as well as the overall piece.


Furthermore, I have gotten the idea to use a duvet as a canvas so to speak and combine this idea of collage with the use of this duvet as a way of displaying the messages. I think that this will be an interesting piece that not only looks at the craft of embroidery and textiles, but also uses the safe and comfortable space of a duvet to present something less safe and more depressing as well as incorporating some statistics. I think this will be the basis for my degree show piece, and I hope to start researching different forms of quilts and textile pieces along the same line as this and to start drawing out each panel to be embroidered and then stitched onto each other to create a massive duvet cover.

I'm excited to put this idea into action and to start collating data and text to use as well as different materials both conventional and unconventional. I do hope to also create some 3D works alongside if I have time, and possible look into incorporating screen print into this as well.

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